Forest Brothers

About the film and the director

The Second World War is over. However, the partisans in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, soon forgotten by the world, were still fighting a hopeless battle for their freedom. They attacked the Soviet occupying forces from out of the forests. That is why people called them the “Forest Brothers”. Very few of those forest fighters who survived the long years in prison camps afterwards are themselves able to tell their story today. This film follows four of them. It relates the course of their lives, a story which we in the West have misunderstood, misconstrued, distrusted, and even ignored. Peter Grimm directed and wrote the screenplay for Forest Brothers. Based in Dresden, he has been making documentaries for TV and cinema since 1993. Prior to the unification of East and West Germany, he was active in the East German political independence movement. The film's producer is Eckart Reichl. The film is in HD and Dolby Stereo. Runtime 82 mins. Available in the following languages: Latvian, English, German, Lithuanian and Estonian.